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    Having the same issue here. Before 1.4, I could re-enter my password and it would work, but after 1.4, it won't login at all
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    +1 on the problem. I was hooping 1.4 would fix the problem but it didn't. Stays in the signing in screen the hole time. We need a solution to this problem it's been hapaning for to long now for a few people.
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    I cannot even add a Yahoo IM account. When I click add account, only options for Google Talk and AIM appear. Can anyone explain this?

    I own a German GSM Palm Pre running 1.4 using a Malaysian SIM card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillysdon04 View Post
    I used recently install the new version of the messaging plugin and Yahoo works after I reset the phone, but after I receive a phone call it stops working. Also I only installed the live, facebook & jabber plugins. I was thinking about using yahoo via jabber but I never got around to it.
    I would love for my Yahoo IM to work as well without signing out anytime a phone call comes in. That would be true multi-tasking. I assume the Pre has Yahoo working through the radio. Also, I am seeing the sign in problem where folks are not getting past the signing in screen. I also keep dropping when I am connected even when a phone call doesn't come in.
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