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    Ok so i just got my palm pre today and did the update to and now i keep receiving an error with my yahoo mail. I Googled and found it was a common thing with the pre and tried the fixes but still nothing. Is there a fix for this or am i just not going to have access to my yahoo mail until the next update? BTW so far i love the pre
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    from what ive seen it seems to be something that comes and goes, what issues are u having exactly with yahoo mail, cuz the problems seem to vary
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    the error i am getting says "unable to sign in .. Message from server: "invalid security token: 4 1213 0"
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    also it seems like i can send, but just cant receive
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    yeah i was getting that error last week, i wish i had a solution for you, it just kinda stopped after a few hours i think i may have broken all connections with my pre and yahoo mail and reconnected theres a thread on it somewhere here can't remember the title off hand

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