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    Does anyone else have an issue with facebook mobile that using the back button in the site is largely useless? Whenever I press it, it sends my back to the main bookmarks page instead of going back to the previous page you were visiting on the site? I'm asking mainly because for the past two days the site was actually functioning correctly for some reason only for it to revert back to it's old ways today.

    I'm not asking for a fix, I'm just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue.
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    I just posted something to Facebook from the mobile page and had the same issue. It seems as if the mobile FB page is written in such a way that you arent going between pages per se rather navigating different parts of the same page. It looks like developers wanted to do their best to mimic an app.

    What Palm REALLY needs to do is release a new, more robust version of its own Facebook (cr)app.
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    See the thing is that shouldn't even be necessary. I quite like the mobile web version of facebook. Besides that at random it posts the top stories at the front of the page rather then the new stories it works quite well. What someone should really do is do what google's devs did when the G1 first came out. Make an app that pretty much takes the mobile site and fixes the little quirks that the site has when dealing with the pre, because that site is designed for the iPhone, and our phones are not the same.

    In google's case that was enabling the ability to post photos to the site. In our machine's case it's the back button issue I mentioned, oh and that the back and forward buttons in the photo viewer happen to be right where the pre put it's back and refresh buttons on the browser.
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    The problem is on Palm's end, actually. On the iPhone, the browser back command works perfectly. Even odder, go to the mobile version of this site (, then rotate your pre to landscape mode, then use the same browser card to go to Your back gesture will now operate as expected. It's as if conditioning the pre with a known mobile site changes it's behavior.
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    Actually I can one up you still. I just did a test to try to find out why it was working for me yesterday and I learned something. If you go to any other site first and then go to the mobile facebook directly from there instead of pressing back to go to your bookmarks and then pressing facebook, the problem is non existent. The issue only comes up if you go to facebook directly from the initial bookmarks page that loads when you launch the browser. Well that's something Palm can work on.
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    Why not just use It's the best way to access Facebook IMHO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    Why not just use It's the best way to access Facebook IMHO.
    I think so also, even though all the notifications don't show up particularly nicely or efficiently.

    On my wave-bar at the bottom of the phone, I have a nice little icon dedicated to but I don't know how to change the URL to launch instead.

    Does anyone know how to change the URL of it?
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    and also some times other peoples statuses won't update only a few

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