I want to buy a Pre on Verizon soon, and probably will. Currently I am using a Centro with Datebk6, and then using Missing Sync to sync to my Mac. It works great. I then use BusySync to sync to Google Calendar. All works very nicely. I do data entry only in Datebk6, so the Google sync is just for my wife to see it. Now, I plan to switch to the Pre, and use Datebk6 on Classic. So, how do I keep the data safe? I figure Missing Sync will do it, but does anybody know how to sync from there to iCal? Or do I need to use GooSync, and sync that way over the air? Does it cost money to use GooSync? I couldn't really tell from their web site, and it appears Classic comes with a version of it. So, I want to work these issues out before I buy the Pre.