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    Just got my Palm Pre Plus. I have info from my old Treo and info from Microsoft Outlook. The data transfer program won't work, perhaps because my computer is networked and I am logged into the domain not the actual workstation. I can't just log back into the workstation because my info is stored on domain not the workstation.
    Do I just need a third party program to facilitate this?
    Spent 2 hours already on the phone with support and they were useless.
    Sorry if I am being a doofus and thanks in advance.
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    There is no sync via USB to the phone without a third party tool like the missing sync. Out of the Box the Pre is cloud syncing only.
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    Use your Palm Desktop to export the dat to a csv. Do the same with outlook. Get a gmail (Google Mail) account. Import both files to your Google Contacts. Sync your Pre to the Google account.
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