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    my plus is not pushing email i have it set to as mail arrives but it is not pushing me the mail is anyone else having this problem?
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    I sure have , for about 8 months. Some days it might work ...most days it will not. With the "pre tester" ( sprint)
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    my iphone is not getting push either now wonder if it's a google thing
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    i had this problem once and what i did was remove the email address from the pre, log onto my email client on a computer and make sure I dont need to verify my identy or anything, then i synced that same email again to my pre. I haven't had a problem since doing that.
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    I've been wondering about that. Its been documented in several threads here that Gmail and/or Yahoo doesnt always get automatic retrievals of emails or they're been delayed. If the Pre Plus is having the same issues, then it makes me think it might be the OS issues.

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