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    On the iphone, you jailbreak, install openssh, put in your iP and username and password in cyberduck and you're done.
    On the pre, i installed optware (all the ssh stuff) through preware, installed terminal, then i typed in some commands on terminal that were supposed to generate me a password, it asked me to make one so i did.
    i am at root@palm in terminal, im trying to ssh with cyberduck like i do on the iphone but it wont connect, I've been reading for 2 hours and I just dont know what else to do. It didnt ask me to generate a username??
    What do I do?? At the minute it just tries and tries to connect, it's not refusing it straight away so something is happening but it times out. I think it's because i don't know what the username is meant to be how do i find out?
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    What worked for me:

    remove openssh
    install dropbear
    generate a key on the desktop
    put the public part of that key on the Pre in /var/home/root/.ssh/authorized_keys

    This is from memory. I will try to verify it when I get home tonight.
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    Thanks, they got it working for me in #webos internals, but after a reboot I can ssh in fine but it wont let me delete or add any files which means if i want to theme i have to do it via quickinstall which is a right pain.

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