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    I've spent the entire day on the phone between ATT, Palm and Sprint. I have an ATT Worldnet account as my primary email. I can receive messages, but after many tries at different configurations (outgoing mail server), I still can't send emails. Does anyone have any ideas?
    Thank you!
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    does smtp server need authentication? what security protocol? are you sure you are using the correct username?
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    I've tried att's outgoing server. Palm had me try the gmail server, and Sprint told me to try the Sprint pcs server. So far I've struck out on all three. When I set up the account with ATT's info, it warns me that I'll be able to receive email but probably not send. If I click on "set up account anyway" it does just as it said it would
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    if you want your email to be sent from ATT's server, then you should set it up with ATT's smtp (which they might not allow, think hotmail, email service provider has the right to decide if they provide such service, and to who they do.).

    Im not sure about their server, you might want to find some manual online regarding this. Sometimes service provider requires users to type in username in certain format with certain prefix/suffix, etc, so you do need to find those information from ATT.
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    Are you on wifi? Perhaps your router/firewall is blocking outbound smtp traffic?

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