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    My school district finally set-up exchange to work with mobiles so I set up my Pre to sync with exchange. I love being able to put my dates on my computer at work and have them sync with my phone and get my email when I am away from my computer. My problem now is that every time I open my phone, or wake it up, it ask me for my password. I mean all the time. I chatted with a palm tech online and they said that it was something that my IT admin would have to take care of. I asked my IT admin about it and they weren't exactly sure what the palm tech may have been talking about, but that they would look into it. Is there a way to not have to put my password in every time I want to use my phone? If it is something my IT admin needs to do could someone let me know what it is so that I can tell them what to look for.

    Thank you for your responses,

    Happy but Frustrated
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    Yes this is a feature exchange and is controlled by the it admin. He needs to go into the exchange management console and disable the password requirements for the phone. This the only way these will go away. The other thing is this might be a county or jurisdiction enforcement so even if the it admin figures out what to do he might not be able to change it. A lot of companies and state run facilities have this security policy in place and unfortunately you might have to deal with it.
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    Sounds like the basis for a useful app. Maybe an app that automatically inputs the password in for you. Then, all you have to do is press go or enter. Not sure if its possible right now, but im sure someone could figure it out.
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    The password feature is a security requirement that is controlled through Exchange. Your IT person can remove it but probably won't. So you need a workaround.

    If you want to change it, go to Screen and Lock. There you can choose to use a password or a Simple PIN to unlock your phone. Simple PIN is a 4 digit number and quicker and easier to enter. I've never tried the password option. I use the the Simple PIN. There's a patch that you can install from Preware that will let you bypass the PIN lock called BypassPINLock.
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    thanks for everyone's responses. I had changed my password to just one letter, the "L" because it was right next to the enter button. I installed the bypass patch and I didn't even have to change it from password to simple pin. It works with my password. I'm no longer frustrated. (at least with this feature)

    once again happy
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    There is a setting in Screen and Lock in the Secure Unlock section called Lock After. Depending on the Exchange policy, you may be able to increase how long before you have to enter your password/PIN. By default it is set to Screen turns off which means that every time the screen turns off you need to re-enter your password or PIN. I have mine now set to 30 minutes which is pretty reasonable.
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    I love it that the folks that write these patches help us overrule our company's IT departments rules.
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    Ugh...if you can't follow the rules don't put your Exchange account on your phone. The PIN is there to not protect YOU, but to protect the company/organization from having their information fall into the wrong hands.
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    What he said above. As a VP of system and security with 20+ years on the business, the one thing that I can guarantee that will get you fired is to circumvent my security measures.

    Instead, you're spending more time and resources trying to figure out how to get around it then actually doing it! My Exchange policy is simple 4 digit pin. It takes about 2 seconds to type it, if I have to. What's the big deal?

    Did you know that you can remotely wipe out your phone if you ever lose it by going through your Web Outlook (assuming your IT dept gives you access to it)? If you lose your phone, you can simply click to have it wiped out so nobody gets your phone numbers, pics, etc.

    I bet most users have no idea they can do that and that typing a PIN/Pass to unlock your phone is a small price to pay for such a valuable service.

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