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    just came around annother issue with WebOS when sync'ing my contacts to google and back after editing in google mail webinterface.

    This can be considered a european problem because the representation of names is affected...

    We have some people out here that will have an addition to their name like me, my family, or some famous artist...

    First Name - Last Name
    Adrianes - den Toom
    Ruud - van der Kant
    Hans - Meier zu Westernfelde
    Paco - de Lucia

    these and even more complicated can be easily entered to palm,- if you know about name details in the contatcs menu...

    But if they are sync'd to google, edited with google contacts and resynced to palm then my last name "den Toom" will be set to "Toom" and 2nd Name will be set to "den".

    Of course contacts Name (single field) will display correctly but Dialer application and Bluetooth phone book download will show "Adrianes Toom" and use "Toom" for sorting (which is legally correct, but of course interfering with sort order of family entries that have not been edited with google mail - these will be sorted for "den"..).

    The Bluetooth download will introduce even more problems with voice enabled Handsfree kits (as I own one). To call my son I'd have to say "Daniel Toom" instead of "Daniel den Toom", of course this is dependant on editing and resyncing with google for my other relatives (some with "van der") as well.

    can anybody verify this, or even fix?

    A. den Toom
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