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    is there no way for IM accounts to stand alone and not infitrate my contact list. There's people I talk to so infrequently and never have a reason to call and email. And I don't necessarily want people's IM's
    associated with their contact info.

    can synergy be selective? It seems if I remove yahoo contacts from my
    contact syncing, I lose it in IM as well.

    have a feeling it's all or nothing.
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    go to contatcs, and in preferences, remove the contact 'account'
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    as stated, I already did that and they are still there. Or is this an f'd up case where I have to delete all my contacts and resync them all again because of webOS quirks?
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    The contact account has to do with actual contact syncing on the account. The IM stuff is separate.

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $no$, $there$ $is$ $no$ $way$ $to$ $remove$ $your$ $IM$ $contacts$ $from$ $your$ $contacts$. $Annoys$ $me$ $too$, $as$ $a$ $few$ $from$ $google$ $talk$ $have$ $showed$ $up$ $there$ $which$ $I$ $don$'$t$ $even$ $have$ $as$ $contacts$ $in$ $google$ $any$ $longer$. $Grrrr$.

    I guess that's a drawback of synergy, and don't see a good way around it, as that would break the whole synergy concept that palm created.

    Actually, a way around it would be to create folders or categories in the contacts database, and allow us to throw all of our IM contacts (or whatever arbitrary group) into those so we don't have to see them. Perhaps palm would listen to that request.
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    in for a penny, in for a pound unfortunately. Yet another reason for categories, and there is a spot for it in the db. Synergy needs to be selective.

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