/var/log/rdxd/pending fills up very quickly if I empty it out. It gets a new dump file every 15 minutes. Looking at one of them, Google sync is having problems but I can't tell exactly what:

2010-01-25T04:14:26.049590Z [101011] palm-webos-device user.notice rdxd: Creating report for Java Exception : com.palm.pimsync.services.GoogleSyncService2 : com.palm.pimsync.services.FatalSyncException

Thread: com.palm.pimsync.SyncThread
ServiceClass: com.palm.pimsync.services.GoogleSyncService2
Exception: com.palm.pimsync.services.FatalSyncException
Message: com.palm.pimsync.services.FatalSyncException: ServiceException of type 'com.google.gdata.util.InvalidEntryException' during Google sync

com.palm.pimsync.services.FatalSyncException: com.palm.pimsync.services.FatalSyncException: ServiceException of type 'com.google.gdata.util.InvalidEntryException' during Google sync
at com.palm.pimsync.services.GoogleSyncService2.sync(GoogleSyncService2.java:117)
at com.palm.pimsync.SyncThread.syncAccount(SyncThread.java:199)

However, I can't find anything to tell me which entry of what dataset it is choking on. This is an example to any folks new to programming of how to write useless error messages. To be useful, include in your error messages something the user can act on.

So I'm left trying to infer what's wrong from observation. Calendar seems to be syncing fine. Mail - incoming works fine, outgoing often gives errors, but I've emptied the outbox. Contacts - I don't use contacts on google, there might be something badly formatted there and I might never notice it. In spite of which if I look in the Pre Contacts app, for one of my two google accounts it says 274 contacts. The other one says 6. Via web browser, I can only get at the 6. (The two 'accounts' are two email addresses associated with the same google account; no matter which I use to login on the web it always takes me to the same place). Those 274 could very well be everyone who has ever sent an email to my google account.

Anyway - hey Palm, please write better error messages, then maybe we can figure out what this bug is and you can then fix it.