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    Hey everyone,
    I've been trying to solve this issue with my Palm Pre since early January 2010. It seems that it's not syncing all my Facebook contacts anymore. I actually like this feature. well, now I've reached out to Palm and they told me that *some* homebrews may break the functionality of the phone. I call this a lie. there anyone out there that has not installed ANY homebrews and are getting all their Facebook contacts pushed into Synergy? Is there anyone out there that do have homebrews installed and have ALL facebook contacts pushed into Synergy?

    Yes, I've tried to wipe way the Facebook account and then re-sync again. It tops out at 84 people (I have over 200). This is driving me nuts!
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    i have ALOT of homebrew and patches, and have NO problem with facebook sync. You should probably reset the phone... or doctor it.

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