I just moved 4 phones (business) from Rogers to Bell.
Issues on day one with my email!!
Very much an apple guy and a technically aware but after spending 3 hours with Bell tech support I've very disappointed in their service.
As I use multiple email address (10) and I only use my data providers outgoing smtp server (except for gmail) when out of wifi range. Bell wanted to pass the buck and wanted me to use my outgoing mail servers for each of my addresses.
They are pop3 and IMAP accounts and up until now I had no issue. I keep multiple smtp servers in my list with wifi being preferred ad some of my email are large. When I was with Rogers it was smtp.rogerswirelessdata.com and there issue was actual coverage!

After hours with support Bell finally gave me their mail.1xbell.ca server but it continually spins it wheels!
If I manually shut off all other servers (normally one for my main wifi will be on) it will eventually send.
While under wifi I need to manually shut off Bell so it doesn't get in the way of my mail zipping right out.

Firstly, disappointed in Bell for lack of troubleshooting and this issue continues.Don't wNt to support someone else's email address.

If anyone has a solution I'd love to hear it as I'd like to just use Bella's mail server unless I have large files to send.