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    I think the facebook app sucks so I usually go online and pull up facebook as it is on my laptop. Also I can use the chat this way. Recently is stopped working correctly. Seems like all the data doesn't load anymore or something. The chat still works but a lot of stuff disappears from the page when it loads. Just wondered if anyone else has noticed this?
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    yeah. i been noticed it. i've read that facebook upgraded something with the website that no longer works with the palm pre. it really sucks and there are no other apps we can use to access facebook as good as the actual website. palm really needs to come out with a REAL app soon
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    I quite like the facebook app. It's not iPhone standards, but it does all the basic like status updates which is what i (personally) like to see, and use.

    The iPhone one is basically just a facebook client, and well i found i did not use the features on it. The palm one maybe cut down, but it has the features i use.
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    yeah lots of ppl have this problem, including me. I can't understand why we still don't have a good app for this. All we have is a bloated contact list too big to manage. Awesome.

    edit: great for you if all you need from fb is status updates. You represent a small minority.
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    I'm guessing an update will be coming to the facebook app pretty soon. It's fine for a first version. I know my girlfriend got an update for her android facebook app just recently that really enhanced that version so maybe the webos version is next up.
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    try works like the real version...and I too have notice the other online version..I'm not able to load older posts
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irocdaspot513 View Post
    try works like the real version...and I too have notice the other online version..I'm not able to load older posts
    Yea, is the best alternative to the full site currently. It even has chat too
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    I hate the app for fb right now. It always seems to be behind with status updates, you can't delete any posts from it, no notification alerts, and if someone comments on your photo it doesn't show which photo, it just opens all your photos. These are just a few issues. I'm sure there are more. I like being online so that i can chat as well as check status updates, make comments, etc... just like being on my laptop.
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    I will check out the Thanks!!!
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    Delete the application and bookmark FaceBook (desktop at bottom of screen). A little zooming and scrolling and you have all the functionality available. The FB app is a little better if you use the iphone agent spoof tweak (webOSQuickinstall) but still crappy ccompared to the desktop version.
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    On my phone I've always had You can't chat from it, but is that really that important? I've never bothered with the Facebook App. Tried it once hated it. You can see older post, reply, look at pics, pretty much everything except chat.

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