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    Realized yesterday that my wifi was not auto connecting for some reason leaving me with poor service in my apt, dunno how long that was going on for or if it's just a coincidence but manually connected back to wifi and now this morning waking up to my usual 8 email notifications!!

    haven't seen that in awhile, will update later on to see if it's consistent, but still don't know if it's a gmail fix or my wifi was never really connecting this whole time, kinda strange bc I have had no issues using the net at all even in my low coverage area but that also may have been the problem ...
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    I've never had trouble with "on arrival" for gmail except for pings the emails status back to the server, eg labeling the email as read. Also have the battery issue with IMAP too...
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    seems like it's an issue for alot of people since the latest update,

    seems like it's working again as I jist got another notif of an email 2 sec ago!
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    My gmail "As Items Arrive" quit working for a while, yet started to work again just fine after the 1.3.1 update.
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    update 2 - not working once again on wifi and min service (1 bar)
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    That sounds awful. =( Nothnig worse than something msesing with your email. SO far I havent had any problems that I am aware off with my phone.
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    set up as exchange and it works great
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    Quote Originally Posted by kgbcapthowdy View Post
    set up as exchange and it works great
    Does it work for any gmail account or does it have to be a business or university account? I can't get it to work on mine.
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    Mine is not working on Wifi, working on EVDO.
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    I had the same problem. I doctored my phone and started adding things one at a time and checking my phone to see if the problem would come back. I found that when I added the web browser ad-blocker (2nd thing I added) in the webOS quick install, tweaks, and did a luna restart I had That obnoxious triangle again when I set my email to get mail as it arrives on wifi. I went back into qi and unchecked the ad-blocker and did a luna my phone gets the email as items arrive with no delay on wifi or EVDO. Worked for me, maybe it can work for you.

    Good luck!!!!!

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