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    I've noticed that my facebook contacts aren't updating as I add new friends. Also, as my friends change their facebook pictures, the pictures don't update on my contacts list. Am I missing something to keep facebook contacts synced with my Contacts list on the Pre?
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    man i have the same problems. i just wish we had a option not to add them to contacts because if u have 500 friends then your contacts app will take forever to load..
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    Actually I thought I had the same problems when I first got my facebook account. But I found out it doesn't sync instantly as you make new friends or as they change their contact pic. I'm not certain how long it takes but it seems like it updates every few hours or so. But it should be syncing if you set up your account correctly.
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    try resetting your Pre. IDK, this worked for me when my wife changed her pic and everything didn't update immediately.

    if that doesn't work, you can erase your FB accounts and readd them. i know that is some work, but it should do a fresh sync.

    hope this helps...
    Lovin' the Pre. Love It.

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