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    I am trying to setup someone's Palm Pre to retrieve calendar items up to a year old from Groupwise via ActiveSync and NotifyLink. Changes to the calendar look-back are made at the NotifyLink server, but are overridden by the phone (sets any value I put in back to 2 weeks).

    NotifyLink tells me the setting for retrieving past calendar items is a preset value (2 weeks) in the Palm WebOS and cannot be modified at the device or through NotifyLink. Does anyone know if there is any way to change this setting or any type of workaround on the device?
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    I don't use Groupwise (I use Exchange and Google), but I don't see, nor have I heard of, a limit on how far back you can go. My calendar events are present all the way back as far as several years. Anything I've entered on the device since I got the Pre in June 2009 are still present as well.

    Not sure what to tell you, but if there is some 2-week history limit, I'm not seeing it.
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    According to the NotifyLink Knowledge Base Article 673, they attempt to modify the look-ahead range on ActiveSync devices, but do not attempt to modify the look-back range, so the setting would have to be somewhere on the device. It would seem the only other alternative would be that NotifyLink is attempting to modify it, is unable to modify it and defaults to 2 in NotifyLink.
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    I am having the same problem on my synchronisation with an Exchange server. any calendars events older than 2 weeks, somehow have dissapeared from the Pre's calendar. They still are in the Outlook calendar. Is there some hidden setting to turn this feature off, I wonder.
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    I have heard as well directly from Palm that the 2 week back only for ActiveSync was hardcoded into webOS. ActiveSync does support other options in its configuration, but the Palm decision overrides such choices.

    Let's let Palm know we want this changed. {Jonathan}

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