OK so my situation might be somewhat complicated. I had preware apps and patches and themes on my phone. Then the upgrade came for the pre and I went ahead and updated my phone not knowing that I should have uninstalled the preware stuff first. Of course, I had problems, came on here and saw the steps I should have taken, but it was a little too late for that, so I went ahead and did the Web OS doctor patch thing (as u can read, im not technologicaly inclined but I do my best to get by). It erased all my everything and then I signed back into my pre account. Now when I 1st got the phone n synced all my stuff together, I made sure not to sync ANY of my fb contacts and when they did sync together I went in under the preferences... and unsynced it. This time, when I went to unsynce my fb contacts there wasn't even an option to do so. I went under contacts> preferences and accounts > then under accounts all there is is palm profile. When i touch that it says I have only 19 contacts but in realty theres hundereds of names in my contact list. And when I go to touch one of the contacts to see if I would have to just manualy delete all those people it just comes up blank and pops back to the contacts list. What do I do!?! What have I done!?! I should have just left well enough a lone but nooo I had to get all fancy with the patches and themes! lol