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    I dont understand, both of my emails are set (in the preferences and account section in the Email app )to have emails from 7 days ago and to push items to my phone as it arrives... however only my main email account does this....

    anyone else have this problem?

    or is there something i need to configure on the gmail account itself.... =(

    help! i hate to have to manually refresh the stoopid mailbox =(
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    yes same here gmail works great yahoo doesn't it seems like it is somehow a palm not really working good with yahoo can't use messenger as well. I love the pre but those things are just annoying no messenger and yahoo problems. It has to be fixed fast.
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    Palm is aware of the issue bc I talked to level 3 tech support myself about a week and a half ago. Unforuntely they havnt goten back with me for a fix yet but I would assume it is in the works.


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