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    just switched over from a hero to a pre today and i have all 149 contacts in my contacts and for some reason they arent showing up in my phone at only shows 3 of the contacts...does anybody have any suggestions?
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    This happened to me.. I'm not 100% sure what fixed it. I just removed my google account from the contacts then put in the info again and pressed sync contacts and it worked. I don't know if you've tried that yet..

    When I pressed sync contacts at first it didn't work.. But when I REMOVED the google profile and re-added it.. Then it worked.
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    It will only sync those that are in MyContacts, are you sure all 149 are in there?
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    100% sure all contacts are in mycontacts...what i ended up doing was exporting csv from google to outlook then ran DTA sent files back to google synced and now i have the contacts...but this synergy thing sucks

    maybe im missing something but it didnt link any of my contacts with the same names from facebook and google...been doing it manually
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    what I did was save my google contacts as a vcf file on my computer and emailed the contacts to my phone. Then I wiped out my google contacts (I know, scary). I then linked my google contacts acct to my phone (no contacts). Then went to my email, opened, and downloaded contacts. Took about 5 mins.

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