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    I use Google Contacts as my "master list" of contacts, regularly updating it by hand to keep items in sync with my secondary contacts (Facebook & LinkedIn).

    When viewing contacts on my Pre that are shared across Google and Facebook*, the Facebook contact (by default, shows up as the first/primary contact. For each user, I have to manually select the Google contact and select the "Set As Primary Profile" button.

    How can I globally set Google as the Primary Profile on all my contacts on within the WebOS Contacts app?

    I would have thought that choosing Google as my "Default Account" on the preferences form would have done this for me, but it does not.


    * - The same thing happens with LinkedIn contacts, but for the sake of simplicity, I only brought up Facebook above.
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    Yeah this gets on my nerves from time to time when I'm in one of my obsessive compulsive moods and I happen to notice that Facebook has had another successful contact - coup over my default google. I'm not sure it really has any real consequences other than a aesthetic thing. Google seems to sync up just fine even with a facebook takeover and the facebook just syncs the one way right?
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    Thankfully, the syncing always works. I'm glad I'm not the only one who tends to get OCD over his contact list… : )

    The big problem I do run into is when I'm trying to find a contact who shares a similar name with other contacts.

    For example, if I have "James H. Smith" and "James Joseph Smith Jr" in my Google contacts and they both use "James Smith" as their Facebook name, when I start searching for "James", they both show up in the search results as "James Smith", instead of their Google contact names "James H. Smith" and "James Joseph Smith Jr".

    Coming from a large Irish-American family, I actually have near a dozen "James Smith"'s (not the real name). Without my Google contact naming cues (or remembering their phone numbers by sight), I'm at a loss as to which one to choose.

    Does anyone with more intimate knowledge of the SDK know if a utility or patch can be written to force the Primary Profiles to a given account?


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