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    When I enter an event into calendar, it won't synch. So the data is not in my exchange account (showing others that I'm busy or out of the office), not on my computer, and not backed up. In short, one of those key features important for business functions.

    I've had 3 chats in the last week. I've done the network time thing, deleted & restored the accounts, and done a full system reset. No fix. Palm escalated to "engineering" and promised a phone call in a day. It's been several days and no call. That's disappointing. The last chat guy promised to send to a "special team" but would not forward to a sales/marketing/brand management person.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Has anyone else had such poor response from Palm? Any thoughts how to have a functional phone again?
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    I've never had a single issue with my Exchange account. Can you provide more details? Are you using a exchange server with your work? personal server? one of the online solutions? what type of authentication do you use for the network?
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    Silly question, but why would you think a tech support guy would or could send you to sales/marketing/brand management? And what do you think they could do to solve your problem anyway?
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    Good questions. Thanks for responding. First, it's an exchange server at work. Synching works for calendar from computer to phone, not phone to computer. Email also works, although I'm not sure when delete emails are deleted on the other device-- I think I noticed one that hadn't but haven't been tracking that issue.

    Second (why I thought the tech guy could help with someone on the business side), (1) I was frustrated to have gotten no response in so many days and (2) Companies should have ways to share information out of silos (not just the FBI-CIA), and there should be a mechanism. The difference is that the sales guy would probably fedex a new phone because he/she wouldn't accept such a long and inadequate response. The sales guy asks the question how do I promote Palm as a brand. The tech guy asks how do I solve this technical issue. You hope that each support the other's interest, but it wasn't the case here. For me, it's a thread suggesting that Palm doesn't have a corporate culture conducive to sharing information out of silos (which is probably problematic if you hope Palm will be here in 5 years).
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    When I enter an event into calendar, it won't synch. So the data is not in my exchange account (showing others that I'm busy or out of the office), not on my computer, and not backed up. In short, one of those key features important for business functions.
    I'm not an Exchange expert, but have you considered that it might be something in your corporate setup/configuration that's "blocking" the info coming from your Pre? Some type of security issue? That fact that others don't seem to be having the problem would point to something like this (and I doubt if it's a hardware issue with your phone, so I'm not sure why you want a sales person to send you a new phone).
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    You mention that everything works except calendar sync from "phone to computer". Mine syncs almost instantly with my company's Exchange server.

    When you create a new event on your phone, are you sure you are selecting "Exchange" as the profile it gets created under?

    See attached picture. . . calendar_2010-19-01_104939.jpg
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    Good questions! The phone worked for months. It stopped working in Jan. We didn't change any security features at work and the calendar events are set for exchange account.
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    I can verify that _something_ changed in EAS (that wasn't fixed with in 1.3.5 that caused things that once worked to stop working. In my case, I could connect to my EAS server when I was connected to my corporate wireless network to receive/send emails, update the calendar, update tasks, etc. After 1.3.5, however, I cannot connect to EAS unless I am _not_ connected to my company's wifi.

    The interesting thing is, this is exactly how it's _supposed to_ work, and how it works for notebooks and other smartphones (BB, iPhone, etc.). Our EAS server is configured with an external (i.e., Internet-accessible) domain, and our firewall does not allow systems to originate inside our network to access this server. When I'm on wifi, I'm on our internal network, hence I can't connect to EAS.

    The question therefore isn't why I can't connect after 1.3.5, but why I _could_ connect before 1.3.5. It might have been that my Pre would connect via EVDO if it found that it couldn't connect via wifi, and that this behavior stopped with 1.3.5. If so, it was a great feature that no other system in our company can match. Or, it might be that Palm fixed some glitch that was incidentally allowing this to work.

    My point is that things like this can be very complex and difficult to figure out. I'd give Palm some time, certainly more than just a couple of days. It's possible that there's a configuration in your EAS environment that worked before 1.3.5, but doesn't work with some change that was made in 1.3.5.
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