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    First off, I have to say Media Monkey (MM) is the best investment I have EVER made in regard to music library management! I have been so pleased, for I have no words to fully express other than I'm so glad not to screw with Apple anymore. MM has saved me hours & hours of organizing. I'm glad they made such a streamlined product that syncs my music to my beloved PRE. However, I am having an issue after I sync my Pre I haven't been able to figure out and I hope someone can lend some direction to fix because I haven't received any response on the forums at MM.

    The Issue: The music I put on my Pre is taking up twice the amount of disk space. Yup, thats right...the sync is making duplicates of every song I'm transferring with MM. After its done with the sync and I launch my music player on my Pre and there is an extra copy of all the mp3 files. This is strange because I don't have any other directories defined in the config for the plugin I am using besides the music folder on my Pre ("\music\[artist]\[album]"). It makes subdirectories, but it shouldn't matter as long as the device database is being told what is being put on there along with the file paths. Well, this forum will not allow links unless you have 10 posts or more. Otherwise, I'd include some screens of the settings I have set within MM.

    I'll try and detail some of the troubleshooting I've done, the best I can. "Compatibility Settings: Force iTunes-style folders" is unchecked so all my album art displays fine. My playlists also sync without any problems. When I uncheck all of the music I had checked to sync, MM will automatically remove the music as it should. I check the "Allow device filesystem browsing" box to see the device database and filesystem and can't find the duplicate music files anywhere. I have even disabled and enabled different plugins within MM to see if it was because of the plugin I was using with no avail. My only hunch is that the Pre music database is telling itself there are 2 locations for the same music files somehow even though there is only one copy of the files. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr, I'm so ****ed off! I've been pulling my hair out for several days straight.

    Anyone having a similar problem or know how to fix this issue?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well, after countless hours of trying to figure out what was making the duplicate tracks on my Pre, I have found the culprit! Unfortunately, it comes with a price though. Unchecking the "Compatibility Settings: Force iTunes-style folders" allows all my album art to display perfectly, but for some reason it makes my Pre see the album art as a duplicate of the music file. After I check that box again, all my songs display correctly BUT I of course lose all my album art again.

    I've tried using "Copy Album Art to Track tags" & "Sync all Album Art to Track folders" checkboxes and neither one of them work. So I will have to live without Album art, unless someone figures out a tweek to the dll (plugin) or Pre.

    I miss my album art!! Someone help please?!?!

    Kind Regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by aerobic1 View Post
    I miss my album art!! Someone help please?!?!

    Kind Regards,

    Media Monkey has the ability of embedding album art into the music files, so you don't really need those pictures hanging around after you embed it into the songs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyusaku View Post
    Media Monkey has the ability of embedding album art into the music files, so you don't really need those pictures hanging around after you embed it into the songs.
    Thats great but it still doesn't work in my situation. I already tried embeding the album art to the Track tags by checking the box MM has in the config. Is there another place you are referring to, that does this differently?
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    Anyone have this problem?
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    Yes! I just spent several hours solving it. Even hooking up the Pre to my computer via USB sync and deleting an artist's music folder didn't remove the dupes for that artist -- nothing changed. The trick was to unhide hidden folders on the Pre (in Windows, open Windows Explorer and select Tools/Folder Options/View/Show Hidden files). Then I deleted the hidden folder called iPod_Control (I actually copied it to my computer just in case). Voila! The dupes are gone! The folder was recreated automatically. I'm guessing that it contains a database, and deleting the physical tracks didn't tell the database they were gone.
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I just spent over 2 hours trying to figure out how to delete/remove the duplicates and was so frustrated. Your suggestion worked like a charm and I truly can't thank you enough! Now, I can go to sleep and hopefully won't have iTunes nightmares!! Oh, and I downloaded MM, hopefully that'll be a much better alternative to DoubleTwist and iTunes.
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    Similar boat.
    iTunes garbage on the phone.....was able to get rid of by disabling Media Sync.
    DoubleTwist files 'appear' to have been removed when media sync was disabled, as phone asked if I want to remove all of the music/video stuff....I said Sure.

    Selected all mp4 & mp3 files I wanted on my Pre and created a play list for them.
    Went into the sync options and set it to only sync on my newly created Pre Playlist.
    Set all other files on Pre NOT on my list for deletion. I had to minimize the MediaMonkey window to see that it had found my ringtones on the phone and was asking to delete them...I unselected them and hit ok. Syncing now....we'll see what happens...
  9. #9 took forever to sync 213 songs, 1.6 GB.
    Easily 30 mins or more.
    No, I'm not on a slow computer and i set priority to higher than normal.

    And I'm listening to them now.

    now if I could only figure out how to use MediaMonkey to copy over some of the music videos.

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