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    Is anybody else having problems getting itunes to connect to the Pre since the latest update? Any suggestions
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    Since which last update (WebOS or Itunes?).

    I've been connecting with no problems using itunes 9.0.1 and WebOS
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    I've been connecting to iTunes fine with the Missing Sync.
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    iTunes version is the last version of iTunes that syncs with the Pre/Pixi without needing an extra step (such as DoubleTwist or the Missing Sync).

    If you want your Pre/Pixi to be recognized as an iPod, go here : Apple iTunes - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET and download that version of iTunes. Otherwise, seek out DoubleTwist or the Missing Sync.

    And when you do download that version of iTunes, set your automatic updates to off. That will prevent iTunes from automatically blocking your abilitiy to sync your Pre/Pixi as an iPod.

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