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    pretty much is there anyone whos using this and has really figured out how to get our contact list to easily sync up with the youimail contacts??? and has any one had any other issues with it? so far it seems really nice but i want all my contacts to be synced with it, OR does it automatically use our contacts for caller ID???
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    you can go to their site, sign in & then sync ur gmail contacts if you use gmail as ur contact profile
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    i dont actually know how to sync my palm contacts to my gmail, i never really cared too. how do i?
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    Oh! Pretty interesting thread about YOU MAIL. Here in I read from here YouMail and T-Mobile locked in debate over app removalAppisaurus – Mobile Application Developers that in spite of 2 million customers and 3 million downloads, Google's Android staff pulled the application YouMail from their Market on Thursday. YouMail and T-Mobile are stuck in a he-said-she-said over the elimination of the application from their industry. This may end up triggering a legal battle.

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