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    When I click on "older Posts" all I get is a reload of the current page (Facebook app on Plam Pre)
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    +1, dunno what the problem is.
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    Same here, also viewing pictures is messed up.
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    same, for the older posts issue. very odd
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    I love my pre but with a phone like this with the facebook built into synergy, you would think we would have a good facebook app and facebook chat built into messaging. There are better facebook features built into the hero, but I like my pre better sorry I had to rant
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    I also have had all sorts of issues with Facebook on the Pre. I'ave had facebook linked to contacts for months, and after the first sync, they have not sync'ed reliably (changes and new friends made on Facebook do not get reflected on my Pre, nor do updated profile pics, etc). I used to have the Facebook photo upload feature in the native photos app, but recently, those uploads have been rejected (a problem also noted in this thread):

    Finally I'd been using the Facebook app since release, and lately, the viewing pictures feature has been really flaky. And since yesterday, I can't seem to upload pictures through the app reliably either... most times, it hangs with the new photo post greyed out forever in the app's live feed. This had been working even when the direct upload from the photo app was failing, but now neither works. Oh well, I can still email photos to facebook...
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    i have lots of problems with the facebook app too. In fact, I presently have two on the phone. I think the one that has problems like you are having is the newer one. Try to find the old link and use it.
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    The Facebook app provided by Palm is very dry and I rarely use it. I either use Friendsbook or Friendsflow. Both are much better than the one provided by Palm.
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    Someone made a suggestion in another post about this. They suggested using the link. Its a helluva lot better than that default fb app.
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    Having the same issue my locations. They did have the right locations.
    I have also found that the Iphone 3G locates me faster and accurately using Edge instead of 3G. This is pretty sad since I purchase the phone for 3G functions.
    I can't get back to the Loopt application on facebook. I'm guessing that the server is down.
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