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    I have itunes 9.01 and 1.3.5.e. Itunes opens when I select media sync, but no pre listed. I have just completed full reset of pre with no luck. Any suggestions?
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    my suggestion would honestly be to ditch iTunes, and either move music over manually or use something like doubletwist.
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    I had thought of trying to use windows media player, but also does not sync. I tried double twist on one of the first breaks and just did not like as well as itunes. But the device should show up. I had itunes 9.02, uninstalled and then installed the 9.01. That is were I am stuck.
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    Palms CEO even suggest double twist. The saga of cat-n-mouse with Palm & iToons may now be over. Read back in this thread about the past issues. My thought is why use iToons by Apple, the competition, when Double Twist will work fine?
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    I switched USB ports and it is now seeing it, but Itunes keeps having errors and shutting down. Going to try to reinstall Itunes tonight after work. Thanks for the advice. If this continues, may go to Double Twist.
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    Good luck.
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    went back to 9.0 still doesn't show
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    I while ago, PreCentral wrote an article about Syncing music. They gave a few different programs, one was of course DoubleTwist, I personally didn't like it. They also had one which is Salis or something and I liked it the best. There's a free version & the paid version, I of course paid for the program & it works amazingly. It pulls the playlists from iTunes & you just click the check button & it syncs. It will add every song that is compatible with your pre. It won't do protected music but everything else works great. It's very simple & easy. I will post the name once I get to my computer. =)

    ***UPDATE: It's called Salling Media Sync***
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