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    I am looking into a desktop syncing program for my Pre. I was wondering if people had experience with (both?) these programs. How are people's experiences with either?

    I am using a windows pc and outlook 2007. I will also have an exchange account at work.

    Thank you
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    I'm using Chapura's PocketMirror for our Pre's (we have 3 in my family). It's a solid program, sync's easily and l like the interface. It's still wifi only (I think MS can use BT now, but not sure).

    I had tried Missing Sync when it came out, and it was worse than PM at that time. But what made me shy away from them was their support - when I was running into problems due to their release, they really didn't help at all. On the other hand, Chapura has been great for any support I've needed.

    I have a similar setup to you - at work, an Exchange account, and at home, my personal items on Outlook. With PM bringing in all my home items, I have a great synergy view for contacts and calendar, and use the separate PM apps for Tasks and Notes (PM's Tasks are much better than the native Pre's).
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    I am currently using PM as well and love it. I have tons of contacts from old Palm devices over that past 10 years or so and needed a way to get them onto my Pre. Tasks and Memo sync work nicely as well.
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    I don't want to hi-jack but was getting ready to ask the same question. BUT...

    Can missing sync syncronize Contacts and Calendar with USB? They're website mentions syncing music, photos, etc... via USB but does not mention contacts and calendar in that statement. That would seal the deal for Missing Sync if I could use USB.

    Thanks for any help.
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    CompanionLink does USB Sync for Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Memos from Outlook and Palm Desktop.

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