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    My exchange e-mail contacts work good. And calender works if i create an appointment on my Outlook. But any appointments created on my Pre DO NOT get synced to my exchange.

    Any ideas?

    -Palm Pre
    -Exchange 2007
    -Verisign SSL cert
    Works on all my other Active sync devices,.

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    Your not the only one my friend. The same thing has happend to my phone. I can create calendar events in outlook and they will sync to the Pre. But I can not create a new event in the Pre and it syn to Outlook. Also look to see if this happens to you. When I create a new even in outlook and it syncs to the pre...I can edit that even and it syncs to outlook. Thats just odd. The CEO for my company has the Palm Pre also and this is what she uses for all of her calendar events. So Im in desperate need of getting this resolved. I have yet to pinpoint the issue. Other users on the forum say they are working just fine with the new update. At first I was think there was something wrong with my Exchange server. But I have yet to find anything. But ever since 1/6/2010 - 1/7/2010 I have had the issue with the Palm Pre syncing with the Exchange Calendar.
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    Here is what I had to do. I found the fix on Palms Forum. If you live in EST time zone then this should work for you.

    Got to time & date
    Change Network time zone to off
    We want to manually select New York, United States of America. The easiest way to find it is to start typing New York on your keyboard instead of scrolling.

    If I change it back to automatic or selected any other EST time zone the pre stopped syncing again.

    Now this allowed me to add new entries only. Any old entries I had in the phone before I changed the time zone still would not sync. Oh well. At least its working now.

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