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    I am having issues getting my mail and calendar from exchange. I can send an email out fine and the recipients get it, but my mail says there have been no messages and my calendar is no longer showing any appointments. Everything was fine up to 4:50 pm EST Mon 1/11 and I haven't been able to receive mail or sync my calendar since. I can get access to the global email address book fine. I have no certs in place, although I did at one time, but removed them long ago and the mail continued to work. Frankly can't remember how/where I got the certs in the first place or why it was there. I've removed the account several times and I continue to get the same results, able to send mail, but nothing coming in and no calendar sync. All other mail services, gmail, yahoo, etc are working fine. Any help that I can get is greatly appreciated.
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    I've got a very similar problem to femphenon. I've been syncing with my EAS account until Friday 1/15 when it just stopped. On the same day I upgraded to but I'm pretty certain the sync problem occurred before then. I removed the account but now can't re-establish it because of a certification problem with the EAS server which wasn't there before. There have been no changes to the EAS server. Does anyone have a clue what's happened?

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