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    I have already searched the forums and I am still unclear about this. My question is regarding subfolders on exchange servers. Some of the posts I found are either dated or contradicting each other. I am hoping that there has been an update that actually does sync the subfolders as well as give out notifications.


    1. Some people have said that these subfolders will sync automatically and some say they do not. So... do subfolders automatically sync? yes/no?

    The post says that the subfolders do indeed sync

    This post says that they do not sync

    2. Some people have said that they get notifications when a new message arrives in one of the subfolders. So... do you get notifications when a new email arrives in a subfolder? yes/no?

    This post says that you do get notifications

    This post says that you DO NOT get notifications

    Can someone who actually has a pre.. and actually uses it with an exchange server.. and uses rules to sort their email into subfolders please give me a clear and straight answer on this... this is a big deal breaker for me on whether or not to get this phone. Thanks in advance!
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    I have a Pre since launch day +4 and have sync'd it with my work Exchange system since that day. I've looked at these questions, and unless I'm missing something this is what you'll find:

    The subfolders won't automatically sync, but you can manually sync them when needed. It's a pain if you use rules to route emails to folders other than the Inbox, because you won't get automatic notification. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $and$ $can$ $find$ $out$, $only$ $the$ $Inboxes$ $give$ $you$ $that$ $function$.

    I've never gotten a notification when a message is routed to a subfolder and not delivered to the Inbox.

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