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    It appears that my calendar is 6 hours off. If I go to add a new event at 12:00PM (noon) and then click the i it says the event is set for 6:00PM - 7:00PM, but if you click on the Date and Time the next screen says the correct time, 12:00PM (noon). My Time Zone is set to Network Time Zone and shows the correct time.


    Facebook photos don't always show up for my contacts. I know they have a contact/user photo on Facebook, but only about 10% of them show up on my phone.

    Any ideas?
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    Try taking your phone off Network Time Zone and set it manually. For me, Network Time Zone picks me up in the wrong time zone. Not sure why but its been reported in other threads; so it's not just me.
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    I ended up running WEBOS DR. That seems to have fixed things. They sure have changed up the initial setting up on this device. Seems pretty cool.

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