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    Okay, so I've created an event in Facebook... when it synced to my Pre, the event showed up two hours later than I set it! I exported the event from Facebook and inserted it into my Google calendar to see if it was a Facebook error and it scheduled at the right time. Even more curious, I'm attending another friend's event on Facebook and _her_ event shows up correctly after the sync...

    Any suggestions as to why my event is coming up all wacky?

    Also, I do not have any homebrew installed.

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    I am having strange calendar issues too. I had them on my previous pre + and now again all of a sudden my son's school day is gone on Thursdays. It's on google calendar and palm desktop calendar but not on the phone.
    The calendar is the most important part of the phone for me. I was hoping to find some answers but it looks like everyone else's calendars work fine. It's weird though that it's happened on both my pre +.


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