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    Is everyone still having an issue syncing the Pre with Outlook Calendar. Email works fine. The Calendar seems to have been hosed since 1.3.5. If I make a calendar entry on the Palm Pre it never shows up in Outlook. If I make an entry in Outlook sometimes it shows up in the Palm Pre. Outlook is set as the default in the Pre for Calendar and Email. Nothing has changed on the Exchange Server side. I have several users with a Palm Pre that this is effecting including myself. I wanted to make sure that this was effecting other Palm Pre owners so that way I know there isnt something wrong with my Exchange Server.
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    did you update to they fixed an exhcange issue w/ syncing calanders in 1.3.5. check your updates.

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    Yes. It has on it. But outlook calendar will not syn with the pre now. There are 2 other people in the company with the same issue. It's the pre users only. Windows mobile and iphone users are fine.
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    Do you have Outlook As your Default calender??
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    try deleting the account and adding it again

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    Did have the problem with 1.3.5, but once the patch came out, all was well.

    I just checked mine and it was fine. I had changed a time on an existing appt. the other day through my OUtlook and I just checked it on my Pre. The time change was in place already.

    I've been able to add/remove appts. with no problem, too. I know this doesn't help you situation, but I can say that it does actually work since the patch.
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    Had the same problem. Exchange mail was fine, but Exchange calendar woud not sync.

    I resolved by opening the Calendar, Top Left Menu: Prefs. & Accounts, selected Exchange from account list and re-entered my password.

    This totally does not make sense, since I could collect mail from the same account, with the same password.

    Whatever, it worked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 05typesdc5 View Post
    try deleting the account and adding it again
    This worked for me after came out. You should definitely try it. Otherwise it may be your company needs to update it's version of exchange?
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    I will try deleting the account and adding it again. But I think I already tried that. But google calendar is also the same way. Updated calendar entries aren't making it to or from the pre. I currently do have the exchange account as the default on the pre. Thanks for the replys guys. I will let you know how it goes. If this continues I will give palm a call. Are they helpful in these matters?
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    I think there is still something wanky with the calendar. I had trouble getting my exchange account to display. It was not an option in the "all calendars" list. I had to remove all calendars and email except for my exchange account and do a battery pull before I could get the exchange events to display. I could then add back my google email and calendar whick also brought back the weather calendar (i think from weather channel app). All calendars are displaying and syncing normally now. Battery pull seemed to be the ticket, probably should have tried that before deleting everything but...
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    I removed the exchange account and the google account and added them both back. Google syncs now but Exchange is still not 100%. What Exchange is doing now is that I can put and calendar entry in outlook and it will show up in the Pre. But anything I put in the Pre will not show up in outlook. This is exactly what is happening to everyone one else in the company. This all happened with 1.3.5 and continued with Again, the iphones and windows mobile phones are fine. So it shouldnt be the Exchange Server.
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    Same problem. No problems until update. Have tried the manual time zone fix and also deleted the account and set it up again. No problems syncing from exchange to pre but nothing going from pre to exchange server. I hope someone can please figure this out soon PALM.........
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    Hmmm....yep you are correct. Events created on the pre never make it to the exchange server. Events created on the pc, do get to the palm and can be edited on the pre. These edits do get back to the server so it appears that this is isolated to new events created on the palm.

    I am on hold with palm as I type this waiting for them to check to see if this has been reported.

    Update: It's fixed!!! Palm Pre date and time app/turn off network time and network time zone. This showed that I was in canada (CST). I am in US (CST). Left these off, closed date time app, new calendar entry worked. Back to date time app, put in correct US (CST) city, turn on network time and network time zone, everything working as it should. New events on pre get to exchange and exchange events back to pre as they should. Looks like my phone defaulted to a canadian time zone and that threw everything off.
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    Hmmm... I have been having same problem exactly. I just tried turning off network time and network timezone. Strange - showed Cayman Islands EST! I am in Cleveland. I closed app. Then reopened and changed to Detroit EST (closest city listed), then turned on Network Time and Network Time Zone. Has said waiting for network time zone for about 5 minutes..... so turned off network time and time zone again. Showed Detroit. Turned on network time zone and again stayed with message Waiting for networ time zone for a long time without resolving. Strange. Turned off Network Time ZOne. Just turned on Network Time. That seemed to be okay.

    Tomorrow I will check in office to see of outlook sync is now working corectly and will report back here, But why couldnt it get/resolve network time???? If it works now it will be half fixed but it still means when I travel I will have to manualy change the time zone. A pain, but still better than not syncing.

    Anybody else have this problem with network time zone?

    Seems to me there are two related problems here:

    1) Sprint is somehow setting our phones with wrong time zone or not setting zone at all
    2) prblem one is causing the sync problem

    Palm and SYnc need to work on this problem together.
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    Finally got mine fixed too. I tried the network time zone off trick as this was no several message boards. I had to turn off BOTH network time zone and the network time. (I also had Cayman Island showing up for mine). Everything worked fine but only after a restart of the device. I then turned the network time and timezone back on and it quit working again!!! I'm currently just leaving both the network time and timezone to off and still working fine. Of note, old appointments would not sync until I went in and edited them (I changed the reminders to off as they were all in the past).
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    I have lost my exchange server e-mail and calander since the update and Palm has NO SOLUTION!!!! been waiting 2 weeks now.
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    I am having same issue w/ Pixi running Events loaded on pixi not syncing w/ EAS. Opposite way works fine as does exchange email sync.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ravsteve View Post
    Turned on network time zone and again stayed with message Waiting for networ time zone for a long time without resolving. Strange.
    Anybody else have this problem with network time zone?
    Network time won't pick up until the cell phone radio has been turned off and on again. The easiest way to do that is by taking the Pre in and out of Airplane Mode with the system menu.
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    hey everyone. I finally got the calendar to syc by changing the time zone to new york united states. If I left it on automatic time zone it would select caman islands and it would never sync. Now that I have it set to new york city everything works like it did before 1.3.5
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    Itis and it makes me want to just throw away this piece f crap phone. It is suppose to be for buisness folks and it is the absolutely worse phone for business. No voice dial, doesn't sync, this is a real costly papaer weight!
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