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    Anyone else notice that IMAP connects and downloads messages so much slower than on an iPhone? Same Wifi connection, my iPhone retrieves headers and message bodies, and renders individual emails, so much faster than my Pre does. Is this usual?
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    except pre has push imap, so no matter what i get email faster on the pre, than on the iphone. Mail usually appears on pre before it does in gmail.
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    The Mail Program needs a major overhaul as it also does not support Refreshing IMAP Folders and has some other bugs.
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    My Pre gets my Google Apps mail faster than my PC or my iphone on WiFi. Its instant.
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    I agree that push is fast (and you can actually set up Gmail push on the iPhone in a workaround). But actually downloading the headers, the messages, and loading them still seems way slower than on the iPhone.

    I hope Palm will continue to address this.
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    I agree, the email app is very disappointing. While I get emails very quickly via IMAP IDLE, the actual interface and navigation in the app is very sluggish. I would absolutely cherish a snappy webOS version of the .

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