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    I know this may be a stupid question to some of you all however i'm far from a techie and I can't figure out how to get my phone to synch to move music to it. I was told itunes would synch to it but that's not true, nor Windows Media Player any help or direction is greatly appreciated.
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    WMP can synch music thats how i put my music on so preview before I put it on. Real Player can sych music also. Itunes can sync but you need a older version or you can just connect by usb and move the music yourself. There are lots of threads on here giving instructions
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    iTunes 9.0.1 or earlier
    drag and drop
    The Missing Sync
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    For some odd reason I can't get my pre to synch to wmp either....could be the user...idk..
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    After you connect it to the computer using the usb setting. you have to tell WMP to connect to device. it should recognize it. if that don't work connect the pre to the computer using usb and move them over manually
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    Man I appreciate all your help bruh its still not working though and I don't know what version I have of WMP. I downloaded itunes and I have and its not synching either....

    To the person w/ the Double Twist stuff....what is double twist? How do I get that?

    Again thanks for all your help!!
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    With WMP, try connecting the Pre in USB mode and not Media mode.

    Media mode shouldn't be called media. It should be called "Pretend I'm an ipod."

    However, WMP should keep your music organized in sensible folders with sensible file names, unlike itunes.

    So, if that won't work, just go to My Music on your desktop, and drag n drop what you want to the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBaker870 View Post
    I downloaded itunes and I have and its not synching either....
    I don't use iTunes so I can't confirm this w/out using the search function here. But he did say above that you have to use iTunes version 9.0.1 or earlier. is newer than 9.0.1.

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    Archive of older versions of iTunes

    **queue iTunes haters**
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    J River Media Jukebox (Media Jukebox: Free J. River Media Jukebox software)

    - Syncs Playlists
    - Syncs Album Art
    - Syncs in Media Sync mode

    Media Center Upgrade does pictures and video sync.
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    Try WINAMP, I use this all the time and it immediately recognises the pre as an iphone.
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    In my opinion, the best way is to just drag the files over using explorer in USB mode. All of those pieces of software just get in the way.
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    I used and downloaded iTunes 8.5 and was able to sync my mp3's
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    There's also a freeware piece of software called iTunes Agent that lets you sync one playlist to the Pre. This might be handy if you already use iTunes to sync an iPod (as I do), and don't want to juggle two media players.

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