Here's what happened:
Had trouble with 1.3.5 installing before I could remove patches & theme. Ended up having to run WebOS Doctor. Started re-installing patches, etc. and realized I needed to re-install 1.3.5 first. Ran EPR but it didn't quite take. So, ran WebOS Doc AGAIN. Installed 1.3.5 also AGAIN, but this time, my Palm contacts were missing! Searched forums for help, discovered that Palm backup is unreliable. Someone suggested full erase and sign in to Palm profile again to see if it'll restore. No such luck.
Just as I was ready to run screaming in the streets, I decided to look around's support and forums. I found that they have online chat support. Before I knew it, the very polite and helpful representative Gibson was able to restore all my contacts from an auto-backup that saved before this all went down.

The moral of my schpeel is
A: Apparently Palm Profile backup is unreliable and everyone should look into an alternative.
B: Palm online support is very useful and I recommend it to anyone who may have an issue with their Palm device!
C: Isn't a moral but a question: are they going to make a patch or something that will enable us to install updates without having to take all our tweaks off and then re-install after? It's really time consuming and so far has given me problems. I would go without the patches at all but they're just so darn awesome!