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    I think I pretty much figured out my problem but need confirmation, I had put up a post that basically non of my newer contacts entered into the phone were syncing to google, Id press Sync now and nothing would happen..

    I think this all started happening when a week or two back, I went onto my google contacts in the PC and deleted a bunch of them....does this cause the sync to mess up? Cause it sure did for me and it wont sync the newer numbers I am putting into the phone on to google
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    Never had any issues with deleting contacts from gmail and syncing to the pre.
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    apparently what happened with me was I deleted a bunch of contacts from the PC on google contacts and ever sine then they never cleaned out of my phone and every contact I added since than never sycned to google...

    Only way around this according to Palm is that I need to delete the google account from my phone and relink it but I will manually have to figure out and input the new stuff lol thats a drag with 500+ contacts
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    AGH god I think I see where people get beyond frustrated and go back to crappy phones...

    I did a partial erase and restore, and now my memos are ALL gone, and only 292 of 496 contacts are syncing back to the phone even though ALL of them show in google, iv tried deleted and making the google account over n over. *** palm!!!!!!

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