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    Me too. Im gonna try removing/adding account. see if that works.
    I think that did it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ay View Post
    Very interesting theories. I think you may be on to something here. I don't believe that the problem necessarily only happens to me when I have no or poor wi-fi and poor or no cell signal, but perhaps it's occurring whenever one switches between wi-fi and cell service, and it doesn't "correct" itself until the inbox is opened and therefore "forced" to reconnect (or the wi-fi connection is re-established in the case of poor wi-fi signal). This would coincide with Palm's efforts to save battery life, but "kills" someones e-mail connection when they leave their wi-fi covered area....I'll be monitoring this theory for sure, and alert Palm if it proves to be the case.
    I have a feeling you found the problem. So far I haven't been receiving email notifications when I'm out of the house, but when I get home (and connect to wifi) I open up my Email and boom, there's roughly 5 emails for which I wasn't notified about. Then miraculously I get email notifications as I'm connected to wifi.

    So tomorrow I will be sure to open my email once when I'm using EV-DO and hopefully I get my email notifications.
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    I can't get any email. Even with a forced sync. Since
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    My Gmail notifications stopped after the latest update too. Hasn't mattered if I'm on a strong WiFi connection or not. I receive my Gmail but don't get the icon.
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    This email notification problem discussed in this thread appeared when I updated to 1.3.1 and the problem still remains after update to (German unlocked GSM Pre).
    Email exchange using POP protocol on two separate mail servers. Three accounts on one server, one on another.
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    it def has to do with signal quality now and possibly wifi, the newest update may have stopped auto emails from coming in to save the battery, I don't get any email as it arrives anymore and now my pres email is like my old centro, manually check only
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    Don't know if it helps, but I am not experiencing this problem. I have installed, but I get my Gmail and imap notifications just fine, same as before.
    This works both over WiFi and EV: the EV signal quality is bad at home (so I use WiFi) and is OK at my workplace (so I use EV).
    The only annoying thing is the fact that the screen does not light up anymore for email notifications, but does for text. Guess this is part of the "conserve battery" scheme.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sagipe View Post
    ...The only annoying thing is the fact that the screen does not light up anymore for email notifications, but does for text. Guess this is part of the "conserve battery" scheme.
    Ever since I installed 1.3.5, my email notifications don't light up the screen. It does for text though. My email is Yahoo imap. I live in an area where I am on the fringe of EV. So, it jumps between EV and 1x all the time. I have never let the wifi on while at home. And before 1.3.5 update, email notifications came in perfect and lit the screen regardless of EV or 1x. Now, nothing...

    Sometimes I get notification of new email with the ding (screen doesn't light up). And sometimes I don't even get the ding.

    Perhaps it is the new battery saving scheme in 1.3.5.x. That is fine PALM, but at least give us the option to choose whether the email lights the screen up. Yes, that option is in there...but obviously it isn't working. Please fix this problem...

    And I have noticed my alarms don't sound now
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmpre06062009 View Post
    I am not getting email notifications on a consistent basis with Sometimes I get as expected and at other times not at all.

    For example, I had 7 emails pending overnight, but no email notification received.

    Has anybody experienced this?

    I also saw the old issue about too many cards first with

    I want palm pre plus in exchange of palm pre. paid 200 first out of the gate and now feel ripped off...

    I believe palm pre plus will be a huge hit with VzW. Such a cool phone....RIMM and Droid don't have a chance. Will give iPhone a run for its money.
    I having the same problem since update. Before my emails were instant and now Im lucky if I even receive a notification
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