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    My facebook contacts profile pictures are no longer showing up in my contacts.Don't know what happened anybody else notice this?Any solutions?
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    That happened to me yesterday. I deleted my Facebook account, then re-added it and they came back. =/
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    Worked for me also thanks!!
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    Was going to ask a question but then just played around with some things and noticed a hierarchy in how photos show up.

    I have my contacts accounts in the following order:

    Palm Profile
    Gmail (Default under prefs)

    1) For someone with a LI account, that was their primary account...I thought, why. If they had LI but no LI picture, google and FB, there picture was Google and NOT FB. But LI was primary. So in order to get their FB picture, i'd have to manually change.

    I took Facebook off then put back on thinking it would go back to the bottom and thus be the main profile but that is not the case, it still gets ordered the same. and LI has higher ranking for picture and listed under the individual profile.

    I took Linkedin off...All of a sudden the issue was gone and Facebook takes over as primary profile for each contact and shows that picture. I thought I could put my LinkedIn back but I couldn't.

    So Linkedin takes precedence over Facebook. This is annoying, should be way to choose which takes higher position. (different from "default" setting in prefs that says where new edited info is stored)
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