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    My boss just bought a new Pre and mentioned that she's having trouble with her work email, it will receive but not send. Seemed weird because my work email is fine on my Pre (sent a test message to confirm).

    I took a look at her settings and our work email account is in her Pre as an IMAP account, while in mine it is set up as Exchange. I removed and had her re-add the account, but it still defaults to IMAP and the place where you would tap to change the IMAP to Exchange is grayed out.

    She has updated to, does anyone know what could be causing this? It seems like I remember having this problem with my Pre a while back, but I can't remember what the fix ended up being.
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    Crap, disregard, I figured it out.

    Add new account, then instead of putting in username and password, hit the Email menu button at the top and do Manual Setup.


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