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    After dealing with the "no sync" issue between WebOS and EAS introduced by 1.3.1 and, most recently, the "Y2.01K" bug introduced January 1st, I was psyched that Palm, over a holiday weekend, patched the issue in and got my calendar back to normal.

    But in addition to my master calendar (EAS) I have two other Google calendars on my Pre. One is a replica of EAS using Google Calendar Sync (desktop) so my wife can view it and the other is my wife's Google calendar. Both are linked to a single Google login. I have my Google calendar set to OFF in the "view" options (duh, it's the same as EAS) and my wife's set to ON.

    Visually, all is well - but now the fun begins. NEITHER Google Calendar has reminders on. But since the update, I'm getting double reminders for each EAS event. After a few of these, I thought to look more closely and discovered that one notification is from EAS and the other from Google. (That's odd, Google has no reminders set!)

    Wait, it gets better - the Google Calendar notifications on my Pre are appearing anywhere from 10 minutes before the event (my default reminder time in EAS and Palm) to 20 minutes after the event start time! This is confusing the heck out of me and mildly annoying when my notification sounds in the middle of a meeting (telling me that it's time to go to that meeting, no less.)

    I'm entertained by the complete randomness of this issue, but the entertainment value is sure to wear thin if I can't figure out how to correct this soon. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    My notifications are messed up as well. I set a reminder for an appointment 15 minutes before it started; however the notification didn't pop up until 20 minutes AFTER it started. Other notifications are off as well. One was 45 minutes late, popped up, and then instantly disappeared without me doing anything. This is all post
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    Same here, my calendar is always a mess and I can't depend on it for anything. I am using Gmail for contacts, e-mail and calendar. I'm ready to bail on the Pre.

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