So I recently changed my email fetch setting from "As Arrives" to "Manual" and noticed a significant difference in battery drainage, an obvious result, I know.

My question is, though, how often is WebOS synching or connecting with my cloud services like Google Calender and Facebook contacts? Does it maintain a "push" connection like email and, thus, each time there's an update that needs to be synched with my phone, the server pushes it across? Or does it synch with cloud services at a set interval?

Ideally, I'd like to set my "synching" to just once per day, especially if it would also not pose as much of a battery drain as manual fetch is for email. Is this possible? Or it is already set to synch once per day unless you do a manual "sync now"?

On a side note -- what is a bigger battery drain: (a) manually refreshing my email to see if there are new emails; or (b) opening up gmail in the web browser to see if there are new emails?