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    I have tons of Yahoo Contacts that get put in with my "Contacts" (phonebook) area that I don't want them to be in there. I want them to all be under the "buddies" area, and not in my contacts area. There's several hundred contacts I have over the years, and when I synced up, all of those went into my contacts area. The list was insane! No way to set it to show online buddies only or whatever either. Even after removing Yahoo under my contacts list, it still shows all them in there.

    Any ideas if this was fixed or whatever on 1.3.5?
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    I have the same problem. I want to add a yahoo and aim im account but my buddies go in my buddylist and contacts but i dont want them in my contacts just my buddy list how do you fix it
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    Beats me. The easiest solution would be a 3rd party IM Client app.. But nothing so far.

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