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    I'm sorry if this has already been discussed however I'm writing this from my phone. When I open the facebook app that comes on the pre (the one that shows up when you hit the web icon) it opens my facebook but it's not up to date it gives me friends post in random order with some of them from yesterday. I hit refresh but nothing changes. I thought it was maybe my phone but my wifes pixi does it also. Every once in a while it's randoomly up to date but that's only happened like twice. Anyone got any help on this?
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    I too have noticed that, and its not just the app. It does something similar on the web page only when opened up on my pre...
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    Go to the full website and click on "live feed" instead of the "view News feed" from the home page (not profile page).

    That should work.
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    thanks for the heads up, but when I type on the webit takes me to the facebook layout that's on my phone, so there is no live feed. Also though I reallly don't want to have to go to the official page and do all kinds of scaling up and down when the facebook app is right there and fits the screen without any scaling.
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    If you havent already checked it out i'd recommend using Friendsbook, its great for on the go, it doesn't have all the features of the full site but it doesn't compromise a lot either, worth taking a look at in my opinion.
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    I do have friendsbook installed and it does stay up to date I just really like the layout of the original app because it looks just like the facebook layout and leaves all of the junk post like such and such gained more points in farmville, which I could care less about. I'm also trying out friendsflow. I just wish the original would stay synced up and I would be perfectly happy with it, other than not being able to make comments on photos.

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