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    After putting the workaround in place, I can see my Exchange calendar data again on my Pre, but I'm also seeing the following:

    1) New events created in Exchange sync to the Pre seemingly only when I hit Sync Now in Preferences;

    2) Events deleted from Exchange disappear automatically on the Pre;

    3) Exchange events deleted on the Pre disappear automatically in Exchange, *but*

    4) Events created in my Pre's Exchange calendar do *not* appear in Exchange.

    FYI, in my e-mail program, my Exchange account is set to Get Email "As items arrive." I have yet to find any separate calendar syncing options.

    My recollection is that this isn't normal, but I wasn't sure so I thought I'd post this and ask. Is this just something that was always true but I didn't notice for some reason, or is it new after 1.3.5 and/or 1/1/10? If it's not normal, are others seeing the same set of issues?

    Thank you. {Jonathan}
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    I had an issue of nothing syncing either way with my Exchange calendar after the 1/1/2010 issue. After updating to, I had to delete my Exchange account from my phone and re-add it to get any syncing of my Calendar to work. The odd thing was the email continued to sync properly. If possible you might move all appointments not already synced to the Exchange server to your palm profile or gmail account, delete and re-add it. Just my .02.
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    Found my solution elsewhere: turn off Network Time Zone and set it manually. Now Pre events sync to Exchange. Thank you for the suggestion, though. {Jonathan}

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