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    I use Google Calendar for all of my calendar data, and my events are showing up one day early and six hours later than their original time.

    For example, my 8:30am class on Monday is showing up on Sunday at 2:30pm.

    When I click on the calendar event, it shows the correct date with the 2:30pm time, and when I click to edit the event time, it shows the correct date and time.

    Is anyone else having this problem/know how to fix it?
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    Furthermore, I tried creating an event on the phone for 1/3/2010 @ 9:00pm. It appears on the phone at 3:00am on 1/3/2010, clicking on the event gives a time of 1/4/2010 @ 3:00am, and clicking on that shows the correct time of 1/3/2010 @ 9:00pm.
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    I'm not sure your time issue is connected to my date issue but I have an all day repeating event starting tomorrow 1/04/10 that shows up today as well. I choose delete the single event from the Pre calendar but it does not delete. Google calendar displays the data correctly and event details are correct.

    This particular event occurs Mo-Sa every two weeks. The Custom Weekly Repeat details properly show blue checkmarks in the appropriate day boxes except there is a light blue checkmark in Monday's box which can't be unchecked unlike the rest of the check marks.
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    My Google calendar issue is slightly different. It is showing my repeat events, most of which are client visits, as occurring even on the days they were canceled, such as Christmas and New Year's Day. Online, my calendar appears without the canceled events. In the past, such one time cancellations were reflected on my Pre as well. Agenda is also having the same issue with my appointments.
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    Just installed and it's still useless.

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