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    Hi everyone, any help would be appreciated as I've tried everything...

    I've had the Pre since its release and have used Google Contacts and Calender since. Everything worked perfectly until my 1.3.5 upgrade.

    I've tried to delete my GMail contact profile and add it back a few times, but only 767 of my more than 1400 contacts show up. Also, when I enter a new contact on my desktop, it does not sync with my Pre and vice versa.

    I've tried to use my Palm Profile and Facebook profile as defaults, but that doesn't work either.

    Any other ideas out there? I've read through all of the other threads to no avail.

    Thanks so much in advance!
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    Me too. 3 out of 85.
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    Another thread has mentioned this issue and I am also a victim of this. I think its a 1.3.5 flaw. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the accounts, and nothing has worked. Synergy seems to be broke.
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    My contacts are there and all of my email accounts work, but -ALL- of my calendars are gone. The accounts are there, but every event is wiped clean.

    Gmail calendar sync not populating entries (but getting and sending email)
    Exchange calendar not populating entries (but getting and sending email)

    Manual login and sync from the Calendar preferences have not corrected it.
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    Got it to sync!!

    Did 2 things not sure what fixed it but I have a hunch...

    Saw in another thread make sure that none of the entries in my contacts have symbols in the name. Went through and hit edit and resaved every contact which I dont think did anything. Also removed entries with symbols. Had one called *88 or something and a few emails with @ in the title instead of the persons name. Removed those from my contacts in gmail and hit sync and bam. Im happy, yay!
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    After reading all of these posts, I'm calling for a conspiracy!

    Check this out: Marcus H. Feder’s Blog » Palm Pre And Google Contacts Sync Becoming Another iTunes Conspiracy?


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