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    Songbird's latest update to 1.4* (currently at 1.4.3) will sync with the Palm Pre (and many other devices for that matter!). In my opinion there is nothing lost in the sync experience in switching from iTunes to Songbird.

    Additionally, Songbird allows for a great deal of customization through addons and allows for web browsing due to its use of the Mozilla platform.

    Personally, I love it and I've permanently ditched iTunes for it. I think we (Palm and its user community) can finally stop worrying about fixing synchronization with Apple's software.

    Songbird - Welcome

    Check it out.
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    By "nothing lost in the sync experience", do you mean Songbird will sync your iPhoto library and iPhoto smart albums to the pre? I could really care less about Syncing Music, what I really miss about iTunes sync is the photo syncing. Would be great if Songbird was able to duplicate this.
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    Sadly I haven't been able to find an alternative to my desktop system which is not running OS 10.5
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    I agree with the OP with regard to Songbird. Great piece of software. Plus, it gets you away from Apple's inflexibility!
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    stilesja, perhaps i should have said nothing lost in MY sync experience, being a Windows user who is not very concerned about photo sync. I am more concerned about music synchronization, and I still use drPodder for my podcasts.
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    I'll give it a try... Still using iTunes. I tried DoubleTwist, but it keeps showing duplicates of songs listed for everything. Looks like a very nice alternative!
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    i've tried songbird several times and have always found it uses more resources by quite a bit then itunes. It also was quite it less responsive then itunes. I have nothing special against apple products (except that Itunes refuses to monitor my folders properly). But i prefer Itunes still at this point to anything else. I prefer the minimalist, sleek uncluttered look, and the big thing for me is it still uses less resources. Similar issues with doubletwist.

    is songbird open source? Could Palm build their own version off of it?
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    Does it sync your album art?
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    From what I can find in these forums is that Media Monkey can sync album art. I believe more so if you tag them. Here's what's on their site:

    Sync with iPhones, iPods, and most any MP3 phone or Audio Device. Just click the Sync button to sync tracks, podcasts, and related properties such as Album Art, ratings, play history, and playlists with a broad range of portable devices*. With Volume Leveling, the tracks will even play back on your device at consistent volumes!

    Try MediaMonkey if you want painless synchronization with almost any portable player.

    * The information that can be synced is device and plug-in dependent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben_K View Post
    Plus, it gets you away from Apple's inflexibility!
    Apple makes great products, but its their marketing that sets it apart. They get you to drink the "kool-aid" and do a "buy-in" to them. And once you realizie how much money you spent with them, you realize you are kind of trapped. You can either cut ties and lose out on a lot of investment or buck up and spend even more money for over priced gizmos.

    People buy Apple products because they THINK they are better. Yes, they might be better....but based on what you pay for them, in the end, you are probably losing out. Especially their computers. It was a big deal when they used other chipsets, but now, they are all Intel inside and the same thing. The OS might be different or even better on a Mac, but how can you rationalize the same hardware chassis costing as much as $1000 more when buying an Apple?

    No different than this iTablet thing coming out. Being someone that has been in the tech business for 20 years, I have no idea what market segment Apple could possibly be looking at other than the 12-25 yr old "disposable income" bracket. $1000 for a touchscreen netbook? An oversized iPhone? Seriously! What can you do with it? Is it for a business person to use to take notes in a meeting? A $1000 piece of note paper?

    i have a netbook as well as a laptop. The iTablet is supposedly going to be an Atom processor like a netbook. I can't imagine that being true because if it is, this thing is going to be dog slow and worse than I could have imagined. Netbooks are good for reading your mail and some web pages, THATS IT! But for $300, its disposable and a break even return. But if you told me it would be $1000 but it would have a touch screen, I could care less. It's still not worth $1000.

    Is the iTablet for a teenage kid to do his homework on? It doesn't even have a keyboard! Is it for your kid to listen to his iTunes?? For $1000??

    Here's the thing with Apple: any BLUE COLLAR family looking for a computer/gadget simply LAUGHS at Apple's prices. I get these phone calls all the time for people needing help buying a new PC. They tell me their kid wants an Apple and what do I know about them. I tell them to go to the Apple store in the Mall and then let's have a conversation. They call me back with "Holy ****! The cheapest thing in there was like $1200!" The only people buying Apple are the ones that have disposable income and for the most part, don't have any real responsibilities where money comes into question.

    Flame me if you want but its only becuase you have drank the Kool Aid. And I am NOT saying Apple does not make a quality product. What I'm saying is that its way overpriced and its just a brainwashed segment of the market that its all aimed at. Good strategy though since that segment has plenty of disposable income!
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    Does it use media sync? How about show playlists & smart playlists?

    Been using J River Media Jukebox with ALL features that other players lack.
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    How, excatly does songbird support syncing to the pre? I've hooked up the pre in both USB mode and media sync and it doesn't see it, the iPod add-on for songbird is no longer being developed and doesn't support the current version of songbird.

    Is this a difference between windows and OS X? I'm trying this on OS X right now.
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    I took a look a Songbird just last weekend and ended up ditching it. Why? Because while it would sync to the Pre, it wouldn't sync to my iPod Classic (80 GB, 6th gen.) Apparently, there's a plugin for Songbird that's supposed to handle this, but it's no longer supported by Songbird and wouldn't install in the most current version of Songbird.

    Since I keep most of my music on the iPod and very little on the Pre, this was a showstopper. Oh well. May be MediaMonkey.
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    Some things I have learned from my time using Songbird on my Pre thus far:
    1. If you've installed songs from another program (ie iTunes), they will show up in Songbird as duplicates. You need to delete the files from your pre
    1a. You can delete the whole ipod_control folder if you wish (see ya apple!).
    1b. To sync the Pre with songbird you must plug in your pre and enter USB mode

    2. Album art transfers to the Pre, but intermittently, and I haven't yet figured out why that is

    3. On my HP laptop with 2G of RAM it does not use appreciably more memory (perhaps 2-4K) unless of course you browse the web in songbird. Of course, you don't have full license to browse the web in iTunes.

    4. Songbird uses approximately 1/3 the hard drive space, and also doesn't install updaters and other applications to run in the background.

    5. Songbird also syncs with my Sansa e260 with the MTP device support plugin

    6. As arhoolie mentioned, the plugin to sync with the iPod does not currently work
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    my two cents:

    for album art you should consider imbedding art in the individual file so you're not dependant on snycing with a an album art jpg that's in the folder. It also helps if you have a folder full of singles. cause you don't need a whole bunch of seperate files. i always used tag and rename to edit tags but i'm sure others do the same.

    The most disappointing thing i heard from that Kara Swisher interview at, i think, CES was that Palm has no plans for desktop sync software. That they anticipate "everything being in the cloud."

    The problem is i'm got like 400 Gigs of music. I'm never ever going to attempt to upload that to the cloud. Storing email is one thing but i'm not ever going to try and rely on the internet to store that so i'm always going to need a desktop sync solution in some format. or at least for the near future. It's not a major deal breaker now cause it's only go 8GBs all of which won't be music. but what happens when the drives get massive like 64 or 80GBs. I can't exactly play all that music on my home stereo from the cloud currently. Or at least i don't know of a mainstream way to do this that the average non tech person knows about. For me this is a major negative for a phone. I'd really hoped palm would be able to replace my ipod. To be phone camera and music player in one device. Camera is a long shot but music was doable. But like the person that still uses his classic i too still you my 5G ipod, one because it's got 80GBs and to, syncing music, playlists, and podcasts are utterly intuitive. i don't just sync but it's quite easy to just stick it on the cradle and drag and drop. You can't do that with podcasts on a pre without a desktop snyncing solution of some kind. you need a doctor podder or something similar. Personally i think they are missing the boat by not making their own solution. And i think when it comes time to buy a new phone it will be something i think long and hard about. An 80 GB iphone with multitasking, and better notification system, say with a new OS would be very tempting because it would allow me to ditch my ipod. I tried to do it with the pre but even with music remix i don't use the pre for music much. Ampache Mobile however is very cool. Which is also interesting cause it allows me to get all 500gigs remotely. Well it did until my computer broke. but that's a different story.

    personally i think a palm sync solution would give people a way to sync and provide an alternative to itunes but also a platform for syncing contacts, photos, podcasts, browsing applications, selling amazon mp3s, changing the palm profile, backups, desktop upgrades.

    anyways my two cents.
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    Finally getting around to trying to find a sync solution for my mp3s to my pre.
    Got Songbird installed and library all set up.

    USB Mode nor Media Sync will enable the Pre to show up in Songbird.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Quote Originally Posted by orsapps View Post
    Finally getting around to trying to find a sync solution for my mp3s to my pre.
    Got Songbird installed and library all set up.

    USB Mode nor Media Sync will enable the Pre to show up in Songbird.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!

    i as well
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    Same here, Pre does not show up in Songbird. Does show up in Winamp and Media Monkey.
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    I tried Songbird but I much prefer Media Monkey. Songbird take a long time to open and did not have an option to set default file types. Media Monkey syncs perfectly with the Pre and IMO is much better than iTunes and Songbird.
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    I don't understand what the big deal is here, since Apple has blocked my Pre from syncing with itunes, I have been using an older version of itunes and now I never update it. Since then I have stopped purchasing anything from Apple, Amazon works fine with my version of itunes plus you can't beat their prices. Everyone who owns a Pre should stop purchasing Apple products, besides, all of their products are overhyped and way over priced anyways! My ipod just sits in the corner collecting dust and the direction smartphones are going these days (internet radio and media storage), the ipod is following the path of the ill fated pager (remember those things? lol)
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